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American nannies for Italy

We have 195 American nannies looking for a host family in Italy, currently the following have full files:

Updated 19-Apr-14
Nanny ID: 99161 Lisa Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 5 yrs. Childcare with newborns to teenagers. Experience with autstic & special needs children. Enjoys reading, writing & working with children.
Nanny ID: 98992 Abigail Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some French & Arabic. Driver for 3 years. Nannying, tutoring, babysitting. Experience woth autism & learning disabilities. Enjoys dancing, swimming, yoga & the arts.
Nanny ID: 98935 Michelle Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 10 yrs. High school teacher with tutoring experience. Studied psychology & loves children of all ages. Enjoys reading & camping.
Nanny ID: 98652 Catherine Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 8 yrs. Some Spanish. MA in education. Internship at a Primary School. Volunteer with the Peace Corps. Enjoys writing, baking, cooking, hiking, knitting & photography.
Nanny ID: 98031 Cheri Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some Portuguese. Driver for 8 yrs. A professional nanny for the past 4 years with a variety of families & children. Enjoys swimming, cooking, hiking, art & crafts
Nanny ID: 96874 Rebekah Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 7 yrs. Has worked with children of all ages in the last 10 yrs. Voluntereed in a centre for children with special needs & manager of a daycare. Enjoys sports, horseback riding & art.
Nanny ID: 96409 Tawnymara Almondbury Au pair
Some French & Spanish. Driver for 2 yrs. Was au pair in Switzerland & full time nanny twice. Cared for 5 younger siblings. Enjoys athletics, reading, writing, swimming & laughing.
Nanny ID: 96022 Meredith Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Japanese. B.S Child Psychology. Child, family & youth social worker in the UK, volunteer at childrens hospital & nursery teacher. Likes cooking, gardening & reading.
Nanny ID: 94037 Tasheena Almondbury Au pair
Has 8 younger siblings,1 with Cerebral Palsy & another with Downs Syndrome. Teacher in a preschool. Enjoys cooking & baking.
Nanny ID: 82357 Bridgid Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 10 years. Has had several full & part time nanny jobs, camp counsellor for 2 summers & tutoring. Likes sports & movies.
Nanny ID: 76247 Shamra Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some Italian. Driver for 5 yrs. Volunteer work for a Church nursery. Camp counsellor for children & babysat 3 children for 5 yrs. Enjoys reading, swimming, camping & travelling.
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