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American nannies for Kuwait

We currently have the following American nannies with full files looking for a host family in Kuwait:

Updated 26-May-17
Nanny ID: 91473 Lindsey Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 4 yrs. Has been a nanny, a casual babysitter, & the neighbors helper. Currently cares for twin 8 yr olds. Enjoys Photography, travelling, baking & reading.
Nanny ID: 91428 Emily Almondbury Au pair
Some Italian, Spanish, Greek & Japanese. Babysitting, helped out with 3 cousins, 2,5 & 7. Mentoring youth programs. Enjoys painting, making jewellery, languages & playing the guitar.
Nanny ID: 90823 Zoe Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some Spanish. Driver for 2 years. The eldest in her extended family, voluntereed at summer school camps & worked in a daycare. Enjoys art, language & psychology.
Nanny ID: 90398 Kristyn Almondbury Au pair
Has a Minor in Elementary Education that included child development classes. Has experience with special needs children & has CPR. Wants to be a speech language pathologist.
Nanny ID: 88878 Carlene Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 6 yrs. Has 7 yrs babysitting & nannying experience, 1 year at a childrens science museum & voluntereed with children affected by Hurricane Katerina. Likes Chess, blogging & reading.
Nanny ID: 88877 Summer Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some Spanish. Driver for 8 yrs. Tutor in after school program for 3 yrs, teachers aid for 2 summers & summer camp counselor. Enjoys outdoor activities, reading & music.
Nanny ID: 88018 Anastasia Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Japanese & Russian. 7 years childcare experience in private & public settings. Has CPR & 1st Aid. Enjoys cooking, dancing, instrumental music, photograpy & origami.
Nanny ID: 87766 Carly Almondbury Au pair
Speaks a little Spanish. Driver for 7 yrs. Began babysitting at 13. Was a nanny for 3 children, interned @ elementary school & became a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sister of America. Enjoys cooking.
Nanny ID: 86187 Kaitlyn Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Spanish. Directed a school age child care program through her local YMCA. Has CPR, 1st AID & lifeguard. Enjoys photography, kayaking, reading & outdoor activities.
Nanny ID: 82357 Bridgid Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 10 years. Has had several full & part time nanny jobs, camp counsellor for 2 summers & tutoring. Likes sports & movies.
Nanny ID: 74773 Jessica Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 5 yrs. Formal education in early childhood development and childcare. CPR cerified. Likes tennis, art & movies.
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