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Guide for au pairs & nannies

  1. Complete the au pair application form on our au pair page.
  2. Email your photos to, if you want to be included on our au pair list, please make sure that we can get a good head shot from at least one of the photos.
  3. Email your references and "dear family letter" also to
  4. If you have a short webcam or video that you would like us to add, then also email it to us. If the video size is larger than 10 MB then please post on our facebook page for host families.
  5. Your file/profile is not posted on the internet and is only available to our registered families and so stored in our office as a word (.doc) document.
  6. If you want to view your file/profile and make adjustments, please let us know and we can email it to you.
  7. We strongly recommend that you install Skype free from as this will enable you and prospective families to communicate free and possible interview you using the video facility.
  8. You can at any point apply for job vacancies, please note the requirements of each family. We then send your file to all of the families that you have requested that we think would be a good match.
  9. You will receive an email from us for each family that has received your file. The email will include the family's contact details.
  10. Please be courteus enough to reply to all emails that you receive from families, if you are not interested, let the family know. If a family informs us that they have not had a reply after several attempts we may remove you from our list.
  11. Please check your Spam/Junk/Bulk folder for our emails.
  12. You can email us at any time for any assistance in the placements process.
  13. Keep us updated and let us know if you have come to an agreement with any of the families.
  14. We then give you any help we can with the visa process and supply you with your password for our Find-A-Friend au pair forum.
  15. As we offer a personal service the vast majority of our placements are successful, but if you have any problems whatsoever, please let us know and we will do the utmost to resolve the situation with your host family. Or as a last resort find a new host family for you.
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