Whilst it is a fact and well known that many aupairs enter the USA either as students or tourists, in fact the US immigration authorities have designated 6 agencies to administer the aupair program, only these agencies can arrange the J1 (aupair) visa for foreign aupairs not residing in the USA. This prohibits many families from hosting an aupair for the following reason: American families do have other options: American families can of course register with us and have a vast choice of applicants and then when a suitable match has been identified contact one of the designated agencies, usually a small discount will be given as the aupair has already been found, we are international co-operators for www.interexchange.org. Or use one of the above options.

At aupair-agency.com we have thousands of American nannies and aupairs, foreign aupairs both in the US and abroad. Please check our aupair and nanny list.

We have 3 registration options:
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Live Help is available for all families during office hours, our operators are ready to answer any questions you may have. if our operators are busy or unavailable please click and then email us with your questions.
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