Can you give me some idea of aupair/nanny pocket money or salary?

1- In Europe live-in aupairs´ pocket money is around €2.50 per hour and that includes 2 babysits per week, so for a 30 hour week and 2 babysits that would be €75.

2- In the USA a foreign aupair gets $140 per week for a 40 hour week.

3- British nannies expect to earn net around £200 - £300 per week in the UK so to travel abroad, they would expect a higher salary. But that depends on the location (you might get a good rate if you live in a hot country!).

4- In the USA, nanny salaries are more defined as follows:

A- 18 - 20 years old, or less than 2 years verifiable childcare experience - $250-$350 live-in; $7-10 hour live-out.

B- 21 years or older, 2 or more years verifiable childcare experience, no prior nanny experience (note that college education puts you to the higher end of the salary range) - $300-$450 live-in; $8-15 hour live-out.

C- Two or more years of nanny experience, and/or a college degree in a child related. field - $350-600 live-in; $9-15 hour live-out, higher in major metro markets.

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