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British nannies for France

We have 264 British nannies looking for a host family in France, currently the following have full files:

Updated 23-Jun-17
Nanny ID: 102449 Melissa Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Spanish. Worked in a children's nursery, au pair for a year & live out nanny in Madrid. Enjoys yoga, reading & writing.
Nanny ID: 102447 Naomi Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 2 yrs. Has worked in 2 primary schools with children aged 3-5 as a teaching assistant. Currently works in a day nursery. Enjoys Swimming, walking her 2 dogs & the cinema.
Nanny ID: 101974 Rachael Almondbury Au pair
Has BTEC National Diploma in Childcare, Paediatric First Aid Level 2. Currently works in a full daycare nursery. Enjoys walking, reading, swimming, arts and craft & singing.
Nanny ID: 101671 Stephanie Almondbury Au pair
Speaks French. 6 years nanny exp. Live in maternity care, proxy parenting, exp. With learning disabilities & private nanny.
Nanny ID: 101496 Hannah Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 1 year. GCSE'S & NVQ level 3 in CCLD, childcare experience with ages 6 mths - 11 yrs. Wants to be a teacher. Enjoys meeting new people, Gym & socialising.
Nanny ID: 101447 Melissa-Jayne Almondbury Au pair
Speaks some French. Has 10 years childcare & teaching experience including special needs. EnjoysrReading, cycling, documentaries, travelling and cultures.
Nanny ID: 99663 Leah Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Spanish, French & Turkish. Babysitting, au pair, liveout nanny positions & worked in a nursery. Enjoys swimming, tennis, cooking & running.
Nanny ID: 99295 Anne-Marie Almondbury Au pair
Early Years Professional Status (Level 6) with over 4 years experience. Has 1st Aid. Food Hygeine, Child Protection & various Child Development Courses. Enjoys walking, running & cooking.
Nanny ID: 98809 Sophie Almondbury Au pair
BTEC National Diploma in Early Years with lots of childcare exp as a nursery nurse, childrens centre & pre-school assistant. Enjoys travelling.
Nanny ID: 97071 Chloe Almondbury Au pair
Chilldcare GCSE, CACHE level 7 in home based childcare, 7 years sole charge experience & has Paediatric 1st Aid.
Nanny ID: 96423 Katrina Almondbury Au pair
Basic Spanish, German & French. Has worked abroad as a nanny & in nurseries. Experience with all ages & special needs. Enjoys swimming, gym, yoga, reading & volunteering.
Nanny ID: 96191 Karen Almondbury Au pair
Speaks French. Driver for 18 yrs. Currently nanny & English teacher to 4 children 6-11. TEFL qualified. Worked in a nursery. Enjoys music, dance & yoga.
Nanny ID: 95264 Liana Almondbury Au pair
Speaks French & Spanish. Has TEFL with lots of experience. Volunteered at an orphanage helping to take care of 50 abandoned children. Enjoys travel, snowboard, surf, yoga, meditation & salsa.
Nanny ID: 92649 Dena Almondbury Au pair
Driver for 12 yrs. Has been a teacher for over 20 yrs. Was a governess & tutor in the South of France & Moscow. Enjoys reading, photography, film, travel & sports.
Nanny ID: 92158 Anna Louise Almondbury Au pair
Speaks Spanish, French & Russian. Currently a voluntary English teacher in a school for the blind in Hyderabad, India. Enjoys art, music & cycling.
Nanny ID: 76811 Emma-Louise Almondbury Au pair
Experience with children through various nephews, nieces & cousins. Was an au pair in France. Christian and doesn't smoke or drink. Likes sports.
Nanny ID: 72586 Emily Almondbury Au pair
Speaks French, Japanese, Spanish & Portuguese. Has 3 yrs exp caring for children 2 mths - 11yrs. English teacher in France. Will be au pair+. Likes playing the guitar & piano, culture & langauges.
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