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Canadian au pairs for Sweden

We have 102 Canadian au pairs & nannies looking for a host family in Sweden, currently the following have full files:

Updated 26-Jun-17
Au pair ID: 102583 Aaron Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 39
In Lyesin, Switzerland looking for a live out English teaching job. Teacher since 2005 with experience in 4 countries.
Au pair ID: 99045 Keeley Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 27
Speaks Spanish & French. Driver for 9 yrs. Conversational assistant, teacher & live in tutor. Enjoys travelling, cycling, cooking & drawing.
Au pair ID: 98934 Maddy Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 19
Has been involved in childcare for the last 5 yrs. International volunteer, taught English & Maths to street children in Nepal & currently Austism support worker. Enjoys exploring, reading & painting.
Au pair ID: 96632 Nathalie Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 23
Currently in Spain looking for a family in Barcelona. Many years babysitting & tutored. Currently an English teacher. Has 1st Aid. Enjoys writing, swimming, running & photography.
Au pair ID: 96622 Carla Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 23
Speaks French. BA in child studies. Part time lifeguard & swimming teacher. Babysitting since she was 13. Enjoys swimming, running, shopping & reading.
Au pair ID: 92963 Stella Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 24
Speaks Assyrian. Has more than 10 years childcare experience & helped her mother raise 2 younger siblings.
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