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Irish au pairs for Spain

We have 75 Irish au pairs & nannies looking for a host family in Spain, currently the following have full files:

Updated 25-Jun-17
Au pair ID: 101986 Roisin Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 18
Speaks Spanish. Volunteered at a primary school. Lots of babysitting with all ages including babies. Enjoys Reading, playing Lacrosse and swimming.
Au pair ID: 101909 Shauna Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 22
Has been an au pair in Germany caring for 2 children 3 & 6. Childcare experience with children aged newborn - 9 yrs. Enjoys cooking, cycling, music & travel.
Au pair ID: 100507 Megan Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 18
Speaks French. Driver for 1.5 years. Has 6 younger brothers ages 1-12 and regular babysitting for 2 families. Enjoys singing, acting, dancing & reading.
Au pair ID: 99999 Lorraine Almondbury Au pair & Nanny Agency
Age: 28
Speaks French, German & some Italian. Driver for 5 years. Qualified teacher with experience with all age groups. Excellent references. Enjoys music, sport, photography & fashion.
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