1. The client may not extend the stay by submitting the difference between time periods. For example if the client accepts a girl for 4 months and then wishes her to stay on, it will be treated as new placement. A 20% discount will be made for the renewal charge in view of the fact that the girl is already here.

2. The fee is payable by the client with the letter of invitation or upon acceptance. If the girl is already in the country, it should be paid upon acceptance; before the girl’s arrival at your home.

3. No refunds or replacements will be made unless the fee has been paid at the appropriate time as outlined in paragraph 3.

4. Introductions are confidential. Passing on of an introduction to another employer, resulting in an engagement , renders the client liable to payment of the agency’s fee.

5. The agency cannot proceed with arranging a placement until the completed registration form has been received.

6. No travel arrangements can be made by the au pair without payment of the full fee.

7. Whilst the agency makes every reasonable effort to verify the integrity and suitability of the au pair; the agency cannot be held responsible for the non-arrival of, or any negligent, dishonest or malicious act by the au pair. We do not recommend an au pair to be given sole charge of any children under the age of 2 years old.

8. If the family require the au pair to drive, this shall be the full responsibility of the host family concerned. The agency accepts no responsibility for this whatsoever. The Au pair herself cannot be held liable for any accidents or negligent behaviour. The agency gives no warranty concerning the au pair's ability to drive

9. The agency fee is the payment for the introduction of the au pair. The agency cannot be held responsible should the au pair stay for a shorter time than planned.

10. The au pair is entitled to a minimum of two weeks notice of termination, plus pocket money.

11. The client warrants:-
(A) That the information contained in their completed registration form is full and correct.
(B) That he/she will comply with the rules concerning an au pair which appear in the information about au pairs. Hours of work must be strictly adhered to.
(C) That the client will at all times behave in a reasonable and responsible way towards the au pair.

12. It is up to the client to inform the agency in the event that a suitable au pair has not been identified, the agency will contact the client from time to time and if the client fails to confirm the above within 7 working days then the agency will assume that an au pair has been employed by the client and paragraph 3 will apply. The client will be invoiced by post.


The registration fee is none refundable and provided that the placement fee is paid at the appropriate time as outlined in paragraph 4:-

13. Refunds are only applicable for placements of 5 months or more.

14. In the event that a replacement becomes necessary, the agency will always offer an au pair who is able to stay for a similar time period wherever possible. However, if at the time the most suitable applicant is only available for a shorter time than the original placement, the agency will then offer a subsequent replacement to cover the time period paid for.

15. Where replacements are required, the agency can give no guarantees as to the nationality of the new au pair. The character and suitability of a replacement may not be judged according to nationality.

16. At the discretion of the agency, we will use our best efforts to provide a replacement Au pair to cover the agreed time period should this become necessary. This is valid for a maximum of 2 replacements. After this the normal fee will apply. This offer is subject to availability at the time and cannot be guaranteed. Nationality cannot be specified.

17. Should the replacement stay for longer than the original time period agreed, the family will be invoiced accordingly.

18. If the client has failed to inform the agency that a suitable au pair has not been identified as set out in paragraph 12, then the family will be invoiced and charged for the placement fee. If the family are able to satisfy the agency that no suitable au pair was found and can prove a valid reason for not responding to our updates/final invoice warning/posted invoice, then the agency will offer a free placement at their own discretion.


19. In the event of cancellation by the client after the au pair has accepted but before she has bought her ticket to travel or obtained her entry visa, half of the fee will be refunded.

20. Cancellation by the client after the au pair has accepted and after she has bought her ticket to travel or obtained her entry visa will result in no refund being made.

21. Should the au pair cancel or fail to arrive, the agency will make it a priority to find a suitable replacement. If that is not possible then a refund will be made less £100.00 for administration charges plus VAT at current rate.

22. Should the client decide at any point to cancel their agreement with Almondbury au pair Agency and does not wish to have any replacement, this will in all cases result in no refund being made. The 2 week notice period for the au pair will still apply.

23. The agency reserve the right to refuse a family or to remove the au pair when these terms and conditions have not been adhered to. This includes failure to settle the invoice at the appropriate time.

Terms revised on 23rd September 2008. Terms are subject to revision on the 23rd September 2009 and every year thereafter on the same date.

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