Registration fees:
  1. 1 month for $99.
  2. 3 months for $199. (Best option)
  3. 1 year for $400.
All the above include: Terms:
  1. The registration fee is payable in advance.
  2. Introductions are confidential. Passing on of an introduction to another employer, resulting in an engagement, renders the client liable to payment of the agency´s fee.
  3. Whilst the agency makes every reasonable effort to verify the integrity and suitability of the aupair; the agency cannot be held responsible for the non-arrival of, or any negligent, dishonest or malicious act by the aupair.

  4. If the family require the aupair to drive, this shall be the full responsibility of the host family concerned. The agency accepts no responsibility for this whatsoever.
  5. The client warrants:-

    1. That the information contained in the completed registration form is full and correct.
    2. That he/she will comply with the rules concerning an aupair which appear in the information about aupairs. Hours of work must be strictly adhered to.
    3. That the client will at all times behave in a reasonable and responsible way towards the aupair.
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