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Au pair visa Finland

Anyone else wishing to work in Finland as an au pair must apply for and receive a residence permit before entering Finland. The purpose of an au pair position is to provide a young person (aged 18 to 30) an opportunity to become acquainted with the language and culture of the target country in exchange for performing light housework duties. The purpose of an au pair position is not to gain a household employee.
Pocket money: The au pair´s pocket money has to amount to at least €252 net per month, and the family has to offer board and lodge. The Finish host family shall enquire at the Finish revenue board VERO how much salary the au pair should receive to ensure that the au pair receives €252 net per month.
Language course: The au pair is obliged to take part in a Finish or Swedisch language course during his/her stay to be able to apply for a residence permit. The family has to give the au pair the opportunity of attending a language course. But it is the family's decision whether they pay for it.
Travel costs: Travel costs have to be paid for by the au pair, but many families choose to pay a part of these costs. It is also common practice to provide the au pair with a monthly ticket for local public transportation.
Work hours: Normal work hours are 30 hours per week, 5 hours per day. The Immigration Service will process your application. The process cannot be started until all paperwork and payment is received. It is not advisable to make any final travel arrangements, particularly purchase of non-refundable air tickets for specific date, prior to approval of your application.
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