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Families living in the Republic of Ireland can only welcome aupairs and nannies from the EU or from the three following countries:
Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein.
aupairs and nannies from these countries only have to register with the Irish police when they arrive but do not need any work permit.
For aupairs and nannies coming from other countries it is possible to obtain a student visa if the prospective Nanny is registered to study English at an approved language school. A student may hold down a part-time job to support themselves whilst studying. Part-time cannot be more than 25 hours per week. The immigration officials at the entry point however will always have the right to refuse entry should they believe the student is actually intending to work full-time. 

Further information can be obtained from the Irish Government Department for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (work permit section): Tel: 00353 21 274099/ 00353 1890 220222.
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